Positive Aging/Firming

Global aging is something we have been trying to combat over many years and with the advances in technology we have treatments, products and lifestyle innovations that are helping many appear and feel more youthful. After the chronological age of 25, our bodies lose approximately 1% of collagen production annually. In the skin surface that we can touch known as the epidermis, our cells also begin to slow in production creating generally a more dry, uneven and appearance due to the compacting effect caused by this slowing. Our therapists recommend both in-clinic and at home solutions to assist in the stimulation of healthy collagen, elastin, cellular and exfoliation processes in the skin.

Our ranges comprise the latest ingredient technologies to create the greatest results for ultimate age prevention. We focus on minimising the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, evening skin tone while firming and toning the skin which benefits all ages and skin conditions. This is achieved by comprising a combination of peptides, retinols, hexylresorcinol, plant and animal stem cells which we use in abundance in-clinic and topical applications for you to use at home.

We know aging is inevitable, but we focus on allowing the skin to mature in a graceful manor while preserving its ideal health condition with our advanced approach to your skin cells.

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