Pigmentation/Skin Brightening

Pigmentation of the skin is not always simply caused by UV exposure and damage. Pigmentation is sometimes quite a complex condition to treat depending on the type of pigmentation presenting in the skin.

If you have ever wondered why pigmentation is occurring in your skin, it can be stimulated by factors such inflammation, sun exposure and injuries such as acne. The cause can be worsened by other external factors that cascade the skins inflammatory processes which then create a more advanced level of pigmentation. Personal lifestyle, ancestry and diet can also create a more dermal level pigmentation.

It is important to understand that the skin cells responsible for creating the pigment you experience need daily application of specific suppressants and regulators topically to truly assist in the reduction and control of melanin they produce.

The paramedical skincare that your skin therapist prescribes to you will address inflammation in the skin as well as a slowing of this production. They will recommend for you to apply most applications twice a day due to the production nature of these cells. SPF is also a crucial element to all pigment concerns as UV Rays worsens all types of pigmentation.

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