Dry/Dehydrated Skin

Dry and dehydrated skin is a commonly experienced condition for most people and is the leading cause for many other dysfunctions in the skin, this is known as an unbalanced barrier function or trans epidermal water loss. Both conditions can be caused by a lack of water content in the skin as well as the crucial element of oil.

Dry/dehydrated skin is usually accompanied by conditions such as accentuated sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, acne and exacerbated redness. Restoring a health barrier function and exfoliating the skin gently allows the skin to retain natural hydration and absorb moisture rich ingredients that are applied to the skin.

It is recommended to apply skin hydrators to balance water levels such as Bio Hydra Infusion or Hydra-Cool Serum to deeply saturate the skin to reduce inflammation. Oil based applications like Mystiqu Iluminating Beauty Oil is rich in essential fatty acids which balance the oil production while strengthening the skin’s barrier function. Balancing this allows the skin to repair, heal and encourages the natural turnover process of skin cells which revitalises the skin enhancing a silky and luminous appearance.

Skin treatments that assist with this are diverse depending on the level of dehydration levels of the skin and may begin with more of a gentle approach and become more advanced as the health of the skin restores.

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