Sensitive Skin/Rosacea

In Australia, we find that sensitivity and rosacea skin types are found with most of the population due to the accumulation of degeneration of the skin’s integrity from childhood into early adulthood. Thin, fragile-looking pink skin can be a good indicator if you are unsure if you have sensitive skin. We are finding that rosacea is becoming more prevalent in younger adults as early as 20 years of age as increasing pollutants and higher UV index numbers are also becoming greater. The functionality of the skin is dramatically compromised due to the skin’s natural barrier being dysfunctional causes a higher level of dehydration which creates a cascade of other concerns noticed by clients. This dehydration is known as Trans epidermal water loss (TEWL). The skin can present as dry, oil, irritated, breakout prone, increased blackheads, redness and inflammation.

We treat this type of skin very gently as we believe that starting with treating the cause of what you experience is the correct way to long term manage rosacea. Incorporating ingredients that work to protect, replace and restore the skin is a general way that our skin therapists like to approach rosacea and sensitive skin types. A skin treatment journey that starts off by reducing the sensitivity while restoring the skins barrier protection is the first line of treatment then increasing the skins strength and reduction in residual redness is the final step of the process.

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