Cheek Enhancements

Cheek augmentation is a common procedure for both males and females performed due to our natural aging process, the breakdown of collagen and elastin and underlying fat pads cause loss of structure. We start to lose height in the cheeks resulting in a more ‘square’ appearance of our lower facial structure. Lower face heaviness becomes more prominent and patients often express they feel their features have become ‘saggy’.

Loss of cheek volume also puts greater stress and weight on other areas such as the nasal labial folds, the lines formed from the corners of the nose to the outer mouth and heaviness of the jowls along the jawline.

Restoring facial balance is created by restoring volume loss to the cheek area rebuilding height and facial balance. A simple procedure is carried out by your Injecting practitioner using dermal fillers to add volume to the cheeks, reframing and restoring balance.

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