Cheek Augmentation

What is cheek augmentation?

Cheek augmentation is a common procedure for both males and females performed due to our natural aging process, the breakdown of collagen and elastin and underlying fat pads cause loss of structure. We start to lose height in the cheeks resulting in a more ‘square’ appearance of our lower facial structure. Lower face heaviness becomes more prominent and patients often express they feel their features have become ‘saggy’.

Loss of cheek volume also puts greater stress and weight on other areas such as the nasal labial folds, the lines formed from the corners of the nose to the outer mouth and heaviness of the jowls along the jawline.

Restoring facial balance is created by restoring volume loss to the cheek area rebuilding height and facial balance. A simple procedure is carried out by your Injecting practitioner using dermal fillers to add volume to the cheeks, reframing and restoring balance.

Am I suitable for cheek augmentation fillers?

During an in-depth consultation your injecting practitioner will thoroughly assess the area and determine if check augmentation is suitable for you. Factors to determine are assessing the extent of volume loss and if height can be restored through this procedure.

Your skilled injecting practitioner will be able to determine on the day of your consultation if this treatment will be successful for your concerns.

What's involved with a cheek augmentation treatment?

A skilled injecting practitioner can carry out check augmentation safely while having the experience of different types of dermal fillers to achieve your aesthetic outcome. Whether that be a subtle result or a more defined, dramatic cheek structure. Results can last from 9 to 18 months.

Appropriate product is determined and injected using a fine needle to the area of concern. This is both a science and an art to create a highlighted and contoured appearance.

Cheek augmentation is a tolerable treatment due to our inbuilt aesthetic within the product.
Your injecting practitioner will complete one side of the cheek augmentation and be able to show you an instant result of how a small amount of filler can make a vast improvement in height, reducing heaviness to the face. Once completed the product is then massaged to integrate into the surrounding tissue then left to settle requiring no further massage.

Minimal bruising and swelling is to be expected which resolves within 5 days post treatment and can be covered using mineral concealer.
Cheek augmentation treatment is complemented with nasolabial fold treatment to lift and create definition to these areas.

Cheek Augmentation Before TreatmentCheek Augmentation After Treatment

How much does cheek augmentation cost?

Treatment costs vary from patient to patient. When determining cost we calculate dosage per mls and selected product used. Dosage is estimated through factors such as desired outcome, extent of volume loss and even longevity of the effects.

All considerations and estimates are communicated prior to treatment within consultation. On an average basis this treatment can vary from $650-$850 for 1ml and packaged $1100-$1450 for 2ml.

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