Hand Area

The hands are exposed to high amounts of UV rays throughout our lives as well as elements of the environment we live in. Pigmentation and thinning of the skin as we progress through our lives is experienced by most people and is an area that can age very much more prematurely than other areas.

Our injectors have options such as filler to assist with volumizing this area to reduce the appearance of crepiness and induce an immediate hydrating effect in the skin.

Our skin specialists perform Light-based treatments to reduce unwanted pigmentation as well as peels, skin needling and many more treatments to increase skin health in this area.

Homecare should be applied to this area like the face and the excess product used can be simply and easily swept over the hands to additionally treat this skin. Additional SPF should be reapplied to protect as needed through the day; we suggest reapplying every 2-3 hours to maintain this protection.

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