Body Areas

There are many conditions seen over the entire body that is treatable in-clinic such as scars, stretchmarks, pigmentation and vascular conditions.

At About Face, we specialise in the correction of these and have specific techniques to obtain fast and effective results.

Stretchmarks can be treated using our Advanced Clinical Skin Needling treatment that utilises both a needling component and laser component to breakdown weakened collagen and elastic and to stimulate healthy structural components in the dermal layers while the laser therapy assists in reducing discomfort post treatment while stimulating a tightening effect in the skin and enhancing the induction of collagen and elastin. Depending on the severity of the stretchmarks, the number of treatments recommended will vary from client to client. Our specialists suggest treating these as early as you can once they begin to form.

Pigmentation and vascular lesions on the body are both treated with either our IPL or Laser services and a reduction can be seen within 3 weeks after your initial treatment. Depending on the density and area being treated, on average 3 to 6 treatments may be required to obtain desired results.

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