Anti-wrinkle before & after photos

Popular anti wrinkle treatment areas include frown lines, crows feet (smile lines) and forehead lines. We also specialise in treating all areas of the face with antiwrinkle medication including facial slimming, bunny lines (nose wrinkles) and the Nefertiti neck lift for a naturally refreshed appearance.

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Dermal filler before & after photos

Don’t let dermal fillers scare you. We specialise in delivering balanced, natural results to  reduce a tired appearance or to enhance your natural beauty. Total face rejuvenation is our expertise but popular dermal filler treatment areas include tear troughs, cheek enhancement, lip augmentation, marionette line softening and chin projection.

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Total face rejuvenation before & after photos

With advanced anatomical and injection technique knowledge, we specialise in combining anti wrinkle and dermal filler treatments to deliver subtle, natural pan facial rejuvenation results. We firmly believe that we all should look great for our age and a total face approach balances unwanted areas of aging.

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