Frown Lines

What are frown lines?

Frown lines are formed in between our brows, and these lines are associated with our negative emotions, concentration or anger. Our muscles located along the brow pull inwards and downwards creating the frown.

Due to the breakdown of proteins, collagen, and elastin, our frown lines progressively become more deep-set resulting in being present when the facial muscles are relaxed. This gives a permanently negative expression even when at rest.

Your injecting practitioner will take into consideration your aesthetic desires, assess muscle strength, and dose accordingly for successful softening of the frown

How does the frown treatment work?

Like any area being treated your injecting practitioner will carry out an in-depth consult to determine your aesthetic desires followed by assessing muscle strength and prescribing an anti-wrinkle dose according to your individual needs.

Outcomes of the treatment will reach effect by relaxing the muscle or muscle group within 3-14 days and will continue to show results between 2-4 months depending on dosage and treatment preferences.

It has been reported that patients use this muscle group less over time due to the relaxed effect of the anti-wrinkle injections which leads to greater longevity of the treatment.

What's involved with a frown line treatment?

Frown lines are the most common area of concern.

Once assessed and treatment intention has been established the area is prepped for the simple procedure. Small insulin needles are used to administer the prescribed dose of anti-wrinkle. Treatment is precise yet extremely quick, on average taking 1-2 minutes to administer and more than tolerable. Numbing cream is never required however an application of ice prior to treatment can be applied upon request for comfort.

Bruising is uncommon but possible and can be camouflaged using mineral concealer. This is a ‘lunch time’ treatment and you can return to work immediately.

Keeping balance and structure we compliment this area with also treating crows feet/smile lines.

Frown Lines Before TreatmentFrown Lines After Treatment

How much does a frown line treatment cost?

Treatment costs vary from patient to patient. When determining cost we calculate dosage per unit. Dosage is estimated through factors such as desired outcome, muscle strength and even longevity of the effects.

All considerations and estimates are communicated prior to treatment within consultation. On an average basis this treatment can vary from $160-$320.

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